gate Motor

Centurion is our preferred brand of Gate motor as they are locally made and carry a 2 year warranty.

Ranging from light Domestic Gates to Heavy duty Industrial gates for complexes and businesses. All these systems are fitted with battery backup for use in the event of a power failier We offer you the choice of either Swing gate installation or Slide Gate Installation.

Electric fence Energiser

We install only the best quality Energizers backed by 2 year warranties. Different joule ratings are available depending on the fence requirements. We offer you the option of keypad controlled Systems for your convenience.

We offer you the choice of Stainless Steel or galvanized Fence Wire. All our insulators are UV resistant to ensure a long life span.


Palisade Fencing

We supply and install highest quality galvanised steel palisade fencing with various spike configurations as well as colour options by use of powdercoating. Domestic panel sizes are 2.5m per panel and industrial panels are 3m in lenghth. Main post sizes also differ depending on application.


CCTV Installation

We offer Custom solutions to every aspect of CCTV installation.

Digital DVR Recording systems securing your home or business is the focus of our CCTV installation.

We also offer you the option of remote viewing from alternative locations.


Garage Door

We install various types of garage door operators. Such as Roll-Up, Tip-Up and Sectional. This is for both light and heavy duty garage doors.

Installation is carried out by our experienced staff to the highest standard of excellence.

Contact us if you have a specific requirement.


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